Friday, 29 April 2011

Charlie, Kiepie and Lola

My three chickens, named Charlie, Kiepie and Lola. In Afrikaans you call them ‘kapok hoenders’. Kiepie is the brother; Charlie and Lola are his sisters.

Some people think it is cruel to take chicks away from their mother, and it is, but this was meant to be. I’ll tell you why.

About two weeks after I got my new pets, I noticed the one chick named Charlie couldn’t walk properly anymore. It was as if the joints in her legs and feet bent to every side, preventing her from standing or walking. (She really looked like a drunken chicken trying to dance). I was devastated and thought she was going to die. I phoned my father in tears asking him what to do, as I wanted to take her to the vet. My father told me there is nothing I can do, as they had a farm when he was a young boy. He said sometimes chickens get born that way or develop a problem later where they can’t walk, so they can’t get to food or water, and then they die.

I refused to let that happen to Charlie. From that very moment I put the phone down I started rubbing her legs and helped her to stand. I put her feet firmly on the ground and moved her body up and down as if she was doing push up’s with her legs. I called it physiotherapy. I fed her every single day as much as I could and gave her water. When I had to leave, I placed the food and water bowl directly next to her so that she can lean over to eat and drink. It got so bad that later she couldn’t move at all, but I didn’t give up. I went on with the physiotherapy. I even caught snails for her as she was incapable of doing so…and as if her brother and sister would give her any.

I used to carry her around in my pocket, and in the evening she slept (and pooped) on my chest while I was watching T.V.  Ha-ha. Kiepie and Lola normally joined as they got use to me holding their baby sister. Sometimes I fell asleep; I woke up with them sitting next to my head staring at my face waiting to give them snails.

As time went bye, Charlie got bigger and her legs much stronger. I was already exercising her legs for weeks, as well as feeding her and taking really good care of her.

I can’t remember when and how, but I left my house, with the food and water right next to her as always. When I got home she was not in the same place I left her. I got numb, thinking that a cat or something must have eaten her. Then I spotted something moving in the bushes. It was Charlie!! She walked!!! The walk in her step was a little wobbly, but at least she was walking. Believe me; she was all over the place.

If I didn’t take Charlie away from her mother, she would have died when she was only a little chick.

All three of them are now living on my friend’s farm where they have a lot of friends. I had to take them there, because Kiepie grew up and started crowing all over the place. I was afraid my neighbors may get mad because of the noise. I go to visit them sometimes. They don’t remember me L, but at least they are happy. J

FYI: I am happy to report that Charlie is still walking on her own!

From left: Kiepie, Charlie, Lola

Wedding cake-in-the-middle-of-the road.

Your so dumb…idiot! Oh yeah, you run slowly!! And YOUR breath smells. Because I had eggs for breakfast, you rude retard!! STOP THE CAR!! I don’t want to see you ever again!!

This is how it’s been going ever since Mike and Fiona got into their car to leave for the long weekend, all because Fiona wanted to take an extra bag for her shoes. Mike is furious, because they promised: “Only one bag each”.

I hate you!! Well, under that hate is the hate I feel towards you!! You’re soooo selfish, always have been! What you say is THE LAW!! Be careful everybody, beware!! The mighty Mike might be unhappy with the way you breathe!! Oh please! You’re such a drama queen. I’m leaving!!

As Mike walks back towards the car, he spots something. There is something in the middle of the road, about another 50 meters ahead. “Fiona, do you see that?”:he asks. “Oh shut up!! You bore me”: she replied. No really! Come check here!!

She glances over her shoulder, seeing Mike running towards something in the middle of the road. Be careful you dumb ass, there is a car coming!! She turns around and follows him.

They both just stare at it, at the random cake in the middle of the road. Speechless. Fiona turns to Mike and asks: “I don’t understand. Why is there a picture of us on top of this cake? In the middle of the road?”

Friday, 22 April 2011


At the moment the human race is filling up with darkness. It is filling up with stress, work, personal problems, greed, lies, hate, fear, politics, and the worst of all, not caring. We are tearing our lives apart, the human race, our planet, just because we are humans and we can.

It doesn’t matter how “good” you are as a person. All of us somehow personally contribute in destroying something important. Whether wasting water or paper, or being greedy and careless, or even if it’s something bigger than that.

Yes, maybe you are trying your best to do your part in the community, but actually if we want to help, we must start living…TRULY live!!!

Sometimes when I think of life, I see two Rasta’s, like Bob Marley, smoking pot and singing: “Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing, is gunna be alright.” (You have to sing it in the Rasta voice.) I see them singing this and actually meaning it. Laughing, enjoying LIFE and just ‘chillin’. They don’t have a care in the world, because they are really living.

If we live, we are happy and at peace. We stop worrying about money and who’s better. We live and start to care.

It is a poor idea to lie to yourself.

I believe this statement is true. If you can’t trust yourself, how are you suppose to trust others, or expect others to trust you. I truly think honesty is the best policy.

I also think the cruelest lies are often told in silence. You know…The truth you refrain from admitting to yourself and others.

Lying to yourself is a poor idea, because it is the work of the Devil and can tear everything you love and worked hard for apart right in front of your eyes. You can then only blame yourself. (What is worst than having to blame yourself??)

Lying to yourself it a weakness, so rather stay strong. J

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Obstacles when growing up...

I was thinking about how difficult we find the amount of work we have to juggle this year. I then realised it is only another stumbling block and we have been training our whole life for it.

These are a few obstacles I, and probably most of you too, had to deal with when growing up.

  • Getting potty trained (realizing you need to ‘go’)
  • Taking your first few steps
  • Speaking
  • Getting dressed by yourself
  • Wiping your own bum when finished poohing
  • To stop wetting your bed
  • Eating without the help of your mother and without making a mess
  • Walking in your mothers’ high heels when playing dress up without falling down
  • Playing with your mothers’ make-up without getting caught
  • Tying your own hair
  • Learning to write your own name
  • Learning to color in between the lines
  • Learning not to drink your fathers’ beer next to the couch when he is not looking.
  • Learning to ride a bicycle
  • Had to learn the hard way that when mommy says no you can run to daddy!! ;)
  • Realising your to big to fit in the trolley
  • Realising you are too big to get carried around anymore, from now on you have to walk everywhere (Darn)
  • Having to get up early and deal with the sand eating freaks at the nursery school.
  • Getting up for primary school
  • Getting into clubs when not 18 years of age yet. :-O
  • Getting your drivers license

And now…
  • Getting through Btech (Joke)

Even though we are almost finished growing, we will always stumble upon a few more obstacles as we go along. It will never stop; in fact, the obstacles will probably keep on getting much larger as time passes by. They are part of life and molded you into who you are today and you will become.

The sound of one hand clapping.

The sound of one hand clapping is the gestures which we create, surrounding us when nobody is making a sound. What you hear when one hand is clapping is nothing, complete silence. You can only feel it.

The sound of a smile when someone is happy, or a frown when someone is sad or confused. The sound of you biting your lip when stressed, or when trotting away when furious. The sound a baby makes when he/she is sleeping. The sound of a hug from a loved one which tells you they love you. The sound of a mother tucking her child into bed. The sound of an old lady and man still holding hands like they have never been more in love. These sounds all around us, that we cannot hear, are some kind of emotion we all express without actually saying anything.

These ‘sounds’ can’t be described through words. Actions speak louder than words.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Protesting to save Two and a Half Men.

My ultimate favorite series! Two and a Half Men!! I think it is damn hilarious and extremely clever!! There’s nothing like the funny medicine of Two and a Half Men to cheer you up when you’re feeling oober ‘depressed’.

The guy who writes the scripts with those funny punch lines is a freaking genius. He is my hero!! Then again, the idiot (director man thingy) who thinks he can replace Two and a Half Men’s ‘Charlie Harper’ (who is played by Charlie Sheen) with some other idiot who thinks he is talented enough to replace Charlie Sheen as ‘Charlie Harper’, is losing his mind and must obviously be a dumb ass!! Yeah, it’s a mouthful, I know.

I personally believe that Charlie Sheen IS Two and a Half men, and that it would never be the same without him. I have no problem with anybody disagreeing with me, but I will still think you are not a 100% all there!

Yes, maybe he had a tiny drug problem, and maybe a little bit of a drinking problem, and yes, sometime he slept around and all that jazz blah blah blah. Get over it!!!

Mr. Director Man, please don’t punish your viewers, because you can’t get over that fact that Charlie is running YOUR show and not you. We don’t care. Thanks!

Not all who wander are lost.

You aren’t exactly sure how things will be turning out for you at the end of the year.

For now, you are just fighting it day by day, one step at a time. You are wandering alone along the path of success trying to build some structure in your life. Just as you thought you finally hit the ground, you get smashed with another poop ball and go spinning through the air like one of those twirly winds.

Your NOT lost, because you know exactly what your objectives are, you just don’t always know how you will be getting there.

I’ve got a little recipe for you that may help you get through the year… crunch your thumbs and every once in a while say a little prayer. J

Monday, 4 April 2011

My mental picture of ‘me’.

How do I ‘explain’ myself to you? I can tell you about me as much as I like, but I don’t believe you will know me any better. You will probably interpret it in the wrong way and receive a totally different perception of me than I really intended for.

I believe you have to spend at least one whole day with someone to get sort of a clue who and what they are. Unless you are one of ‘those’ who can sum someone up in under a minute. That’s me!! I can do that! Believe me. It’s like a supernatural gift.

Yeah! I know it sounds stupid, but it’s true! I normally keep my thoughts (about the person I summed up in a flash) to myself, because (eeeepL) most of the time thoughts like that are rude.

What am I like? This is really difficult to explain, because I am a diabetic. Yes, a chocolate eating diabetic. My mood fluctuates like the moods of a heavily pregnant woman in need of a smoke, but is not allowed to. I’m like Moody Mac Moody Pants from Moody Ville driving in a car with the number plate “MOODY”. Thumbs up for my boyfriend who had to bear with me and my terrible moods for almost three years. At least I have learned to control these moods of mine, most of the timeJ.

To get to the point, I’m the one who will start to talk to you from behind because I’m bored…which will probably freak you out at first, but later you will realise I’m not that bad. I perceive myself as confident, caring and honest, I stick to my morals and I am very determined. I try to keep my mouth shut when my words may come across as rude and I always want my way with things, especially when it comes to my relationship with my boyfriend (I am working very hard on changing that). Please don’t tell him I admitted it to you.

I’m very laid back. You do what you do; I really don’t mind ‘what’ it is. I dislike people bad mouthing one another and I’m not a very big fan of children or politics. All of them nag too much. I HATE it when someone is being dishonest, so I truly believe honesty is the best policy.

I love animals to bits! All of them. I pretty much want to work with animals for the rest of my life. I like meeting and interacting with people, but I probably like animals more than people. I don’t know if there is something wrong with that picture, ha-ha. That being said, I love my family to death! I am a total mommy’s/daddy’s girl. Give me two days then I will start explaining to you why I need to go home because I miss my parents. I alsolove the fresh smell of nature, the beauty thereof and the natural way it takes its course…fixing what is broken.

I believe in second chances, and definitely in “what goes around comes around”. I also believe you have to treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. I believe you have to live the way you want to and shouldn’t give in to the trend you think you have to follow. I believe you have to make hundreds of mistakes to finally get it right and you have to deal with the people who judge you for it, for they are stupid and know absolutely nothing J

I can probably write you hundreds of pages about myself, but I won’t bore you with all the details. In a nutshell, this is me.

Basically, I would like people to see me as this, my picture of how I see myself. 

Sunday, 3 April 2011

How time flies.

You think everyone and everything around you are still the same. Your friends, family and people you haven’t heard of in like two, three, four years. The next thing you know someone is getting married, having a baby or moving in together in their VERY early 20’s as if there is nothing wrong with that picture.

I feel so out of it, because three of my girlfriend recently got engaged and many more of them are talking about it. Am I the only one that truly believes I am still a ‘child’ and need to live life before settling down?

Perhaps this is silly and only my personal view on things, because yes, people change and they move on. Time doesn’t stand still because you’re not around. So make sure you stay in the lives of the people you love and care about before you miss out on something!!

How do you step from the top of a 100-foot pole?

How did you get on that 100-foot pole in the first place? Dummy!! Well, I guess you must call someone to bring you a ladder.

Anyway, I think this ‘100-foot’ pole is just another barrier in your life that you need to fix…you need a ladder.

If you are stuck on this ‘pole’ and you can’t find a way to get down, all you can do is to call someone for help. This is the same when it comes to actual life.

You can’t always do something on your own. You need the help of a friend or sometimes even a complete stranger to ask for advice or to give you a shoulder to cry on.

If you are in need of a ladder, I am just a phone call away.