Sunday, 26 June 2011


Oh how I love my pet!! He is about ten years old, his name is Skollie and he is a schnauzer. We got Skollie when he was about nine months old, he was soooo frightened as he was abused by his previous owner.

Amy, you have met him before! He is very curious and very friendly. He is literally always happy to see someone and loves meeting new people. You have to touch or scratch him when he sits next to you otherwise he gets very restless and may start to irritate you.

He is definitely my dog and only my dog. When I sit my foot out the door he runs up and greets me, he sits on my foot to protect me and to feel that I am always there.

I have never loved any animal as much as I love Skollie, and when he dies, a part of me will die with him.

Skollie, my dog.

As you can see the hair on his lower body is cut off, as it was summer when this photo was taken and he was getting very hot.

What motivates me?

This is my short motivational speech…

Motivation comes mostly from within. My motivation comes from my dreams, my goals, and what I strive for. Working with animals is one of my biggest dreams, and they are my greatest motivation and inspiration.

Feeling good about yourself, being happy and being at peace with yourself is also important for me. Feeling good and being happy also comes from within and this reflects a positive atmosphere upon the people and the things around you. This motivates me to be healthy and positive and accept myself for who I am, not to judge people and love my life, thus I can enjoy my life with my family and friends.

People basically need motivation for everything they do, whether it is exercising, studying, working hard, learning to ride a bike or whatever. Your friends and family is also a motivational tool, but the most important one is YOU

Sunday, 19 June 2011

The 10 most unexpected consequences of being online.

These are the 10 most unexpected consequences of being online I thought of from the top of my head.

  • You get an invite on Facebook from an ex.
  • You stumble across friends you thought you will never talk to again.
  • Some random person starts a conversation with you and you end up enjoying it.
  • You get and invite or inbox from some randy and end up running into them in bar.
  • You ‘facebook stalk’ and ex friend or boyfriend just to find out they are stalking you as well.
  • You realize you actually like being on twitter and end up reading all the tweets when you go to bed until you fall asleep. (Waking up the next morning still holding your phone in your hand.)
  • You end up losing some weight because you’re online ALL the time and don’t make enough time to eat.
  • Then you get fat again because you don’t make any time to exercise.
  • You develop the skills of tweeting and chatting while walking in a public place without bumping into anyone or anything.
  • You tend to ‘Google’ just about everything. Nowadays my parents also turn to Google when they want to know something. What an awesome teacher I am!!

Being online has its positive and negative aspects, but I think we will definitely lose a part of ourselves if ‘being online’ would disappear. J

Back from Jozi

If I had to tell you about everything we did I will have to write a book. We did not sit still for one moment. It was actually really tiring, I slept the whole day when I got home. We had SOOOOOOOO much fun, there are no words.

Some highlights I would like to share are:

  • I almost shocked a guy with my stun gun (he was extremely drunk and rude).
  • We went on a hot-air-balloon, and I cried instantly as we left the ground. (I have a huge fear of heights).
  • We went shopping J J J J J and we went crazzzzy!
  • We had sushi (twice)… and we got a massage WHILE we were eating our sushi and drinking our wine. FYI…the wine glasses were filled with 750ml of wine at a time!! Those things are HUGE.
  • We met a guy named Paris, YES!! He’s real name is PARIS, he lost a bet so he had to drop his pants.

I can’t wait to go again. I already started saving some money for my next trip!!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Finally in Jozi

Finally!! The day has arrived for me and Hentia to come visit my sister in Jo’burg. After cancelling our trip when I had my emergency surgery, I thought it was a sign that Karma doesn’t want me to come visit her. I was devastated.
Well, we booked our new plane tickets and the flight was horrible. I freaked out as we took off and then again when we had to land. I almost started crying, because the pilot landed at the speed of light. Really, I’m not over reacting. The one guy who flies up and down from Cape Town to Jo’burg said that it wasn’t that smooth as what it normally is, but it gets even worst when the weather is bad. I do not want to experience that. Luckily I had Hentia to hold my hand hehe.
I don’t really like Jo’burg, but we are in Sandton…and it is awesommmme!!! We took my sis to work this morning, it is beautiful here. We are going to Monte Casino now,
Nelson Mandela Square
, Sandton City and and and…
As you can see, I’m not in the mood for writing blogs when I have all those fun things to go do. Peace out!! Enjoy your holiday J

The elephant in the room

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon with the sun showed its true colours with a warm welcome. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and a few seconds later the footsteps lead away from the door and disappeared. When I opened the door it just stood there and looked me straight in the eyes, a big wood carved elephant!  Without thinking twice I opened the gate and pushed the humongous piece of artwork into the house. So the questions came, where does it come from, who brought it here, do I have to pay for it, was it a gift, but no answers. I started walking through the house to find the perfect spot for my new friend. After that I thought my friend should have a name, because if something goes wrong I cannot blame something without a name! It’s nice to have a visitor with me, takes away the feeling of loneliness. Tsungu is a real good listener. I think the name is appropriate because it’s of African origin and elephants are widely found in Africa.

I think this will be a long and never ending friendship.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Being grateful

I am truly grateful for lying in my warm bed every night, in my warm comfortable winter pj’s. I am grateful for all the yummy food I get to eat every single day, I am grateful for my amazing parents who gives me everything that I want. I am grateful for my sister and my family and friends, and for the new people I get to meet everywhere I go. I am thankful for the hot water I get to shower in everyday and for the home I get to live in. I am thankful for my pets, and that we can afford to feed them and take care of them and give them a loving home. I am thankful to get to drive a car and to own a Blackberry to constantly communicate with loved ones. I am thankful to get to study and to be free to do what I like when I like. I appreciate who I am and what I get to do. I’m very thankful to be healthy and to get medicine when I’m I’ll. I’m thankful that my family and I can go to the doctor when ever we don’t feel well, because there are endless amounts of people who aren’t so lucky. I appreciate to have money so that I can go out and have fun. I am thankful for going to school and learning how to read and write. Thank you for my childhood! I learned to ride a bike and I got to play in the mud, I got to do silly stuff that my parents found extremely funny. I got to ride on the back of my neighbors’ dog and I got to wear my mom’s high heels, fall down in them just to learn to get back up. I’m thankful for the music and the mall. I’m thankful for all the animals and the ocean. I’m thankful that I get to see all of this and I’m thankful that I get to be thankful.

We take a LOT of things for granted, even toilet paper. Think about it…what do you do when you go to the bathroom and after you’ve done your business you realize there is no toilet paper? You PANIC and call someone to bring you some.

There are many, many, many people out there who do not have something as simple as toilet paper. They sleep in the cold and go hungry for days.

Next time when you are in your bed wrapped in all those warm blankets but its so cold you still get the shakes, you think about the people and the animals on the street who’s got NOTHING, before you open your mouth and start to moan about it.

Every day is a good day.

Sometimes I struggle, sometimes I give up or I get bored, sometimes I get angry, confused, irritated or unhappy. Sometimes I forget, and sometimes I feel unappreciated or taken for granted, sometimes I get lazy or bitchy, and sometimes I get rude.


Most of the time I get through it, most of the time I carry on and most of the time I enjoy myself, most of the time I’m excited, open minded, chilled and happy. Most of the time I remember, and most of the time I feel appreciated, most of the time I keep myself busy and most of the time I am a nice, loving, supportive, helping, understanding and grateful person.

I am most of the time a normal human being…

and every second I am ALIVE, everyday.

Therefore…every day is a good day!!!!