Friday, 26 August 2011

Don’t complain about a problem, fix it.

People tend to complain a lot, everyday in fact. I know because I am one of them. How nice it is to complain about something, because it makes you feel better and gives you a reason not to do or go forward with whatever it is…but is only makes you feel better for a very short while. Then you start stressing about it again and start to complain from scratch.

One thing we love doing except complaining, is to not fix the problem or thing we complain about. We just complain and do fokololo about it. We just sit and wait for it to go away or wait for some poor old good hearted human being to fix it for us. I think that is just wrong and shows us how lazy we actually are (hehe ai).

So next time you open that mouth of yours to complain about something, ask yourself: Have I tried to do something about it? If not shut it and fix it. Then you won’t have any reason to complain and waste you breathe.

Conventional is a good fallback position isn’t it?

Definitely! What better to do when you are out of your comfort zone to fall back onto what is accepted by society? To get back into that space where you basically blend in and you don’t feel like you are an outsider is great!! To have a routine and to know what is going on is awesome.

But is it really??

You’re not weird, everybody else is just normal. You’re not weird, everybody else just don’t have the imagination you have. You’re not weird, they are ordinary. What if standing out like a sore tit isn’t so bad after all. Sure you will be feeling the pressure, but in the end YOU will be EXTRAordinary and YOU will be the one everybody is talking about. YOU will be looked up to, because YOU had the courage to be different, to not just fall back and blend in, but to stand up and say what is on your mind. Even when people giggle and point, you kept on going.

You stood out, where the rest were at the back to scared to show their face. People don’t like change and they don’t like things that are different. So if you are different, people are most likely going to push you away and look at you with funny faces. There are only so many ‘different’ people out there. The ‘different’ people become the masterminds and the leaders, the decision makers and the go-getters, the people who fight and don’t ever back down.

It is not bad being a conventionalist, to have a routine or to stick to with what you know. Just try to take a chance every once in a while. To be different.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Death by dreaming.

Do you believe that your dreams mean something much more than only that it is a dream? Some people say when you dream of someone getting married, someone in reality will die…or the other way around.

Well, either way, if you believe or not, what do you make of this dream I had Saturday night? When I woke up Sunday morning I felt rattled and shocked and very disgusted and confused – basically I was an emotional time bomb.

I’ll try to keep this as short as possible…(But it is quite long, so read it if you dare)

It stated where my mom, my dad and I were at an airport trying to check in under secret/false names. The airport employees bought it but told me I have to leave my dog behind. Before I could start fussing and make a scene they took Skollie from my arms and away somewhere, somewhere I didn’t know.

Then… (Completely different from the airport scenario)

The next thing I knew I was moving to a strange place with my friend Mariska. The town almost looked like Tokyo, India or Bangkok. Maybe a mix, you know, where everything is built so close to each other and everything looks dirty and untidy.

We went to a photo shop, I don’t know why, and found ourselves in the presence of a few strange men carrying a strange bottle with weird dark milky looking liquid in. We waited patiently at the counter for the men to finish with their business.


The one man handed us shot glasses with a cocky smirk on his face that made me feel very uncomfortable. Mariska whispered in my ear that I must be polite with these men because they are very dangerous. She told me that they are murderers and rapists who torture their victims before killing them. She also told me that they kill animals for fun and that apparently they take photos of all their crimes and develop them there in that very shop.

My eyes followed the counter to where the men were standing looking through lots of pictures. That is when I saw it, all the photos of the tortured and raped dead girls and women. On their faces I could see the pain. Their naked body covered in deep cuts so that there is almost no skin left. The men were laughing and drinking their shots.

Mariska and I pretended to engage into a conversation, hoping these men would leave. The one guy looked at men, and out of stress and fear I asked: “What are you drinking?”. He just laughed and on his cracked lips I could see, the liquid in the bottle, it was blood, it was blood from all their victims. They were drinking it, making them feel powerful and in control. That is when I realized…they have my dog, they have Skollie. (I think this is where the airport scenario fits in.)

When they left I spoke to the guy that helped them, seeing on his face that he was so frightened of them that he was shitting in his pants. I begged and pleaded for him to help me and tell me what to do, because they have my dog and they are going to kill him.

Finally he told me that they normally go on a three week killing spree and disappears again for three weeks. He said that it just started again and that the only reason he is alive is because he develops their photos and shuts up. He gets to live because he is a coward. He told me to go to some pharmacy and that there is a lady that will give me what I want.

Suddenly I was at this pharmacy looking place that was actually also a photo shop, but there was a man following me. I knew he was part of the rest of the killing gang, but I just smiled and walked along. Then a woman from behind the counter called me and told the man she wants to see me alone, she wants to see me about womanly things. I followed her behind the counter and up the escalator. I waited in the door by the escalator as she went into the next room. She came back with two envelopes. Both of them had my name and surname written on them. I opened it, it was photos, and lots of it. They were more photos of the killing gang and their victims. I rushed to get them out, because I knew there would be photos of Skollie in there. There was!! Lots!! He was alive, but wouldn’t be for much longer. As I looked through the photos I came across a photo of eight rottweiler puppies. In the next photo they were all rapped in bloody towels, dead. The very last photo was of a man dragging a half alive girl with a bloody mouth and a broken jaw somewhere. She had a vague look in her eye, as if she had already given up.

Next we were at a woman’s birthday party. I remember her turning 27 but she looked about 40. I never got to see her face and I can’t remember her name. Again, those men showed up looking for their next target. I just started to sing “Happy Birthday” out loud out of panic, hoping they would leave. They shouted at me demanding more wine. I took a bottle with the intention of whacking him over his head, but couldn’t. As I poured him his glass of wine, not knowing it would be his last, the police stormed in arresting all of these men. The head of police came to me thanking me and told me if it wasn’t for me they would never have found the killers. He instructed me to go with him immediately to the men’s flat/hideout.

As we arrived there the ambulance was busy carrying their last, but luckily alive victim, out on a stretcher, on her way to the hospital. She was cut up, raped and bloody, just like in the photos, but the difference was…she was breathing and will live to remember it for the rest of her life. As I turned to face the front door of the flat I saw Skollie! He came running to me like a happy little puppy, but jumped on me and gripped me tight around my neck and shoulders, pushing his face into my neck and making these little moaning sounds. He was shaking, I knew he was terrified.

Luckily I got my dog back.

Anyway…that was a mouthful. I still have a lot to say about dreams, but I will keep that for next time. Just tell me…what should I make of this dream??

You cannot chase two rabbits at the same time.

Jy kan nie jou brood aan altwee kante gebotter he nie!

My girlfriends and I normally use this saying when one of us likes two guys and wants both. I’m normally the one that say: “Jy kan nie jou brood aan altwee kante gebotter he nie.” This is the same as saying: “You can’t chase two rabbits at the same time.” You can’t have everything.

You can’t always manipulate things the way you want to, and sometimes everything can’t always go the way you want them to, it just can’t. Some things in life you can’t control, you just have to go with it…you know, go with the flow and take it one step at a time.

The same with tasks or assignments, you can only tackle one thing at a time. I know we all want to kill “twee vlieĆ« met een klap”, but that just makes a mess. It is not like you can cut yourself into two halves and say: “YOU, left me, go get that rabbit!! And YOU, right me, go get the other rabbit.”

If you can manipulate and change things like you want to, great, good for you, do it. If you can’t, leave it and deal with it.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Less eating, more running.

For as long as I live, I will never forget this saying, EVER!!

A few years ago I heard the famous or infamous Gareth Cliff say this on 5FM. They were talking about overweight/fat people and the ongoing problem we have with fatty foods and take-aways and the unhealthy lifestyles people lead.

They were talking about how lazy we as South African has become and we are no example for the youth of tomorrow.

Gareth, with his cocky attitude started to go off at fat people telling them how it is their own fault if they are over weight (except when you have a medical condition). He also went on about how he hates seeing an extremely fat person with an overweight child when they are both eating and ice cream or a chocolate. Okay, this I think is sad, because if you as a parent are fat, you must at least try to keep your children healthy.

So normally on 5FM they let the listener’s phone in to lift their opinion on the specific matter at hand. Normally most of the listeners agree with Gareth because they looove him and like his sense of humor on most topics.

Every once in a while there is this poor old brave chap who thinks that he/she can take on Gareth while on air on 5FM, and thinks that he/she can teach Gareth a lesson. All you people out there who are brave and stupid enough to do something like that…take my advice today. DON”T DO IT, YOU WILL LOSE THE BATTLE!!

So this day there was a lady phoning in telling Gareth about how she is overweigh and has tried everything to lose weight but doesn’t succeed. She went on about how he can’t tell fat people that it is their own fault. Being Gareth he told her, LESS EATING, MORE RUNNING.

I think after that he cut her off and spoke about how it is your own fault and how if you are fat, you should stop cheating on your diet and get of the couch to go for a jog.

I think this is the best advice ever, and it is so simple. So every time you get hungry, do a few sit-ups.

Fat Girl (Britney)

“Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, when you only have one idea.” (Alain)

Whether it is a good idea, a great one or the best one, not having a back-up/contingency plan may cause you to fail.

Everything we do in life evolves around a basic idea which we create and follow, this idea is more or less a plan , and planning is the most important part of almost any activity.

We normally come up with a few ideas/plans and choose the best one and then we follow through. To reach success, take your ideas, plan properly, get advice, interpret and evaluate them. Whenever you don’t succeed, why don’t you get up and try again.

One idea + No plan B = Epic Fail

One idea + A few plan B’s = Success

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Where do we go from here?

Do you believe in life after death? Do you believe we all go to heaven and live happily ever after as one big holy family, or do you believe in reincarnation? It would be awesome being born again as a puma, a tiger or a cougar, or even a bird flying high in the sky. A falcon souring over the land, seeing everything in perfect pixel, that would tickle me pink.

But what if we just disappear and the energy from our body blows wherever the map of the wind takes it? This energy, does it eventually become part of a living thing like an animal or a tree, or does it eventually dissolve into thin air. We go nowhere and see, hear, feel or becoming nothing. Scary, yes!

I always tell myself not to think of things like this, that this topic is too great and complex for our tiny minds to understand, and that we must not question our God or our faith. I think it is only because most of us are afraid of dying, not necessarily death, but the dying part of death. Actually getting there and not knowing which root we will take.

The only remedy I have for taking this fear away is belief. Believing and having true faith in our God and in the little we actually know. Not questioning and seeking the answers only the dead know, but to wait our turn to enter the “Pearly Gates” with our fellow angels of God.

Do you believe in life after death? Do you think there is something happening out there that we, the living, don’t actually know about?

Have you figured out the second head fake?

No, as a matter of fact I didn’t even have any idea what this means!! Normally I write my blogs as is and don’t go Google something random which I can write about. This topic was different; I just had to go Google.

All I found was information on some guy who I have never even heard of, Randy Pausch, a lecturer who had cancer. Apparently he’s last lecture was amazing, inspiring, motivating and very very heartbreaking.

I’m not going to go on about this topic as I don’t know smack bam null about it, all I can tell you as that I read an article about this guy (Randy) and his last lecture and thought you might like to do the same. So here is a link to the article and a quote from the article from Randy himself.

“Did you figure out the head fake? It's not about how to achieve your dreams. It's about how to lead your life. If you lead your life the right way ... the dreams will come to you. Did you figure out the second head fake? The talk's not for you. It's for my kids.” – Randy Pausch; Life Teacher

After reading this article I could imagine the pain and sadness his wife and daughters must have had, but also the pride they must have felt within.