Friday, 12 August 2011

“Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, when you only have one idea.” (Alain)

Whether it is a good idea, a great one or the best one, not having a back-up/contingency plan may cause you to fail.

Everything we do in life evolves around a basic idea which we create and follow, this idea is more or less a plan , and planning is the most important part of almost any activity.

We normally come up with a few ideas/plans and choose the best one and then we follow through. To reach success, take your ideas, plan properly, get advice, interpret and evaluate them. Whenever you don’t succeed, why don’t you get up and try again.

One idea + No plan B = Epic Fail

One idea + A few plan B’s = Success


  1. You right, what I usually do is come up with an epic plan and bounce the idea off my friends. They then talk me through the pro's and con's and I later evaluate it. But before I mission, I run everything through on paper(which helps and is advisable btw)and strategies from there on out. . .when I feel I have diagosed the situation properly....I move in and conquer that shit baby!!