Friday, 26 August 2011

Don’t complain about a problem, fix it.

People tend to complain a lot, everyday in fact. I know because I am one of them. How nice it is to complain about something, because it makes you feel better and gives you a reason not to do or go forward with whatever it is…but is only makes you feel better for a very short while. Then you start stressing about it again and start to complain from scratch.

One thing we love doing except complaining, is to not fix the problem or thing we complain about. We just complain and do fokololo about it. We just sit and wait for it to go away or wait for some poor old good hearted human being to fix it for us. I think that is just wrong and shows us how lazy we actually are (hehe ai).

So next time you open that mouth of yours to complain about something, ask yourself: Have I tried to do something about it? If not shut it and fix it. Then you won’t have any reason to complain and waste you breathe.


  1. Very true, its always easier to complain than to actually do something about it...