Friday, 2 September 2011

My big fat BIG dream

Most of you already know this so I don’t really see the point of blogging about it again, but it is a great big fat BIG dream of mine. I will do anything I possibly can in my future to live out this dream. It is the most important thing to me after my family and my very close friends.

If you hadn’t guessed it by now, my huge, gigantic, enormous, great big fat dream is to work with animals. Yes!!! If you know me you probably had it right from the start. My passion, not just my dream is to work with and save animals for the rest of my life. To go with that I would like to find the creepy, dirty low life humans who abuse any kind of animal and lock them up for life. I want to poach the poachers and save the rhino’s!!!! I want to free the lions and let the dolphins and sharks ride the waves in peace forever. The dogs and cats that stay with their owners even when mistreated, I want to give them a home.

My friend and I are planning on buying a farm to house all homeless and abused pets, and to provide them with a sweet loving and caring home. I know there are thousands of homeless and abused animals out there, but luckily there are many people like me out there willing to lend a helping hand. I know I am not alone.

Thus I want to be involved with house pets and wild life. I literally freak out when I go to visit a bird park or an animal sanctuary, and jump up and down like a little girl. I know I will always get that ‘feel good feeling’ for the rest of my life when I live my BIG FAT life-sized dream!! Can’t wait!!!


  1. I had quite an ordeal with animals today, then reading this post made me ask: "Is this animal day?"
    Firstly, I woke up with a BIG fat smile on my face, I dreamt that my parents bought me a Labrador and we went swimming in the ocean together. It was so cute .... and everyone kept complaining because I was dressing him up in pet clothing and the clothing was PINK in colour!! LOL.
    Then, after breakfast, I decided to clean my fish tank...all went well until my pleco jumped out the water...slithered on the table...and jumped off ..then landed on the tiles!!!!!
    (My throat is still very sore from all the screaming).

  2. So I'm back here today, realising that I used your comment section to rant about my day hehe but reading your post made me remember all about it! :P
    'My friend and I are planning on buying a farm to house all homeless and abused pets, and to provide them with a sweet loving and caring home.'-soooo amazing Margs! I wish you all the best with your endeavors.

  3. so cool:) I will definitely help you with the animal farm..haha And that is something that we all can see you doing..great job!!