Sunday, 11 September 2011

Why is there always space for pudding?

Have you noticed that? Even when you are super full and waiting for you jeans’ button to pop off and your belly to drop to the ground, you always have left over space for dessert. I do that, my friends do that, and my family too. I suppose there are many more of you who also after stuffing your face and begging for mercy, you still grab that chocolate cake, ice cream or brownie when all the food is gone.

I just did that now. Telling my family that I can’t eat one more bite or I’m tickets and they will have to take me to the hospital. The next thing I knew there was Ferrero Rocher and other chocolates in front of my green, ready to blow up face. Then, there I was with a chocolate ball eating it with ease AND enjoying it.

So, this is my theory.

You have your stomach, and when you eat food (not pudding) it fills up your tummy and you feel full…BUT!! You have this little empty pocket or bag hanging right next to your stomach made especially for dessert or sweets, and when the right time comes, the pudding goes there. Thus you will always have more than enough room for your dessert never mind how much you had to eat. J