Friday, 2 September 2011

Ring-Ring Aaaaaah!!

This post is random and definitely pointless.

I really badly dislike a landline telephone. Whenever it rings I just yell…MAAAAAMMA!! PAAAAAPPA!! TELEFOON LUI!!...and then I ignore it.

I don’t like getting up to answer it and I definitely don’t like spending to much time on it, because I was obviously busy with something before you phoned. You also can’t see who is phoning and maybe it is someone you don’t want to talk to. Sometimes I tell my parents if it is for me they should tell the person I am not home, but they never do because they say they aren’t going to lie for me hahaha.

Why do you think I have a cellphone, if you are looking for me you can contact me via i-cell-u-lar a thank a you!! Like when I’m still in bed, my cell is right next to me so it is literally just an arm movement away. P-p-p-please don’t make me get out of my warm bed.

PS: Guess what?? Just as I finished this post the phone rang. I thought I was going to throw it against the wall. It was mocking me, dammit.


  1. Babygirl, I feel your pain!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel it! And why are parents so boring... never wanna cover up. Landline's are just an inconvenience...but I call Amybaby on her landline almost often... LOL hahahahahaha (sorry Amy :P)

  2. guys and the telephone...u don't mind the phone calls billy:)