Friday, 16 September 2011

Why I have conversations?

I sometimes have in-depth conversations with myself, when I’m driving or alone at home. Don’t think I’m weird; I do this to get to know myself a little better.

I have conversations with friends and family because I love them, and there’s nothing that brings you closer together than a good old fashioned conversation. Taking interest within the other person, listening and caring for what they have to say.

I even have conversations with my dog; I believe he can understand through the sound and pitch of my voice what I’m saying and how I’m feeling.

I also have random conversations with random people in random places, like when I go out (if ever) and ‘get my party on’ haha. I like having conversations with ‘randies’, but not ‘sketchy’s’. You get to meet new and interesting people thins way, thus learn what type of people you like to associate yourself with.

Please note: There is a huge difference between ‘talking’ and ‘having a conversation’. If you are blabbering and only talking about your oh so interesting self, you are NOT having a conversation.


  1. True. . . conversations are engaging and a two way thing. We all speak to ourselves, it sure does sound weird when said out loud but it really is not a uncommon thing for anybody in this world. Great post, honest and sincere.

  2. I also loveing talking to myself..haha!Isn't that the first of sign of being crazy??