Friday, 26 August 2011

Conventional is a good fallback position isn’t it?

Definitely! What better to do when you are out of your comfort zone to fall back onto what is accepted by society? To get back into that space where you basically blend in and you don’t feel like you are an outsider is great!! To have a routine and to know what is going on is awesome.

But is it really??

You’re not weird, everybody else is just normal. You’re not weird, everybody else just don’t have the imagination you have. You’re not weird, they are ordinary. What if standing out like a sore tit isn’t so bad after all. Sure you will be feeling the pressure, but in the end YOU will be EXTRAordinary and YOU will be the one everybody is talking about. YOU will be looked up to, because YOU had the courage to be different, to not just fall back and blend in, but to stand up and say what is on your mind. Even when people giggle and point, you kept on going.

You stood out, where the rest were at the back to scared to show their face. People don’t like change and they don’t like things that are different. So if you are different, people are most likely going to push you away and look at you with funny faces. There are only so many ‘different’ people out there. The ‘different’ people become the masterminds and the leaders, the decision makers and the go-getters, the people who fight and don’t ever back down.

It is not bad being a conventionalist, to have a routine or to stick to with what you know. Just try to take a chance every once in a while. To be different.


  1. Hello love, I enjoyed your post so much and I find the content nothing short of the truth. Well done, well said! :)

  2. I want to be EXTRAordinary and you are EXTRAordinary, we are all EXTRAordinary...haha