Thursday, 4 August 2011

Where do we go from here?

Do you believe in life after death? Do you believe we all go to heaven and live happily ever after as one big holy family, or do you believe in reincarnation? It would be awesome being born again as a puma, a tiger or a cougar, or even a bird flying high in the sky. A falcon souring over the land, seeing everything in perfect pixel, that would tickle me pink.

But what if we just disappear and the energy from our body blows wherever the map of the wind takes it? This energy, does it eventually become part of a living thing like an animal or a tree, or does it eventually dissolve into thin air. We go nowhere and see, hear, feel or becoming nothing. Scary, yes!

I always tell myself not to think of things like this, that this topic is too great and complex for our tiny minds to understand, and that we must not question our God or our faith. I think it is only because most of us are afraid of dying, not necessarily death, but the dying part of death. Actually getting there and not knowing which root we will take.

The only remedy I have for taking this fear away is belief. Believing and having true faith in our God and in the little we actually know. Not questioning and seeking the answers only the dead know, but to wait our turn to enter the “Pearly Gates” with our fellow angels of God.

Do you believe in life after death? Do you think there is something happening out there that we, the living, don’t actually know about?


  1. Wow this is an awesome post. I read this inspiration saying that always helps me in times of doubt...

    Father, give me the strength to accept the things that I can not change and the courage to change the things that I can.

  2. Amazing stuff, Schutte! I like your remedy, its mine too. Faith Faith Faith....should always be replaced with fear.