Friday, 12 August 2011

Less eating, more running.

For as long as I live, I will never forget this saying, EVER!!

A few years ago I heard the famous or infamous Gareth Cliff say this on 5FM. They were talking about overweight/fat people and the ongoing problem we have with fatty foods and take-aways and the unhealthy lifestyles people lead.

They were talking about how lazy we as South African has become and we are no example for the youth of tomorrow.

Gareth, with his cocky attitude started to go off at fat people telling them how it is their own fault if they are over weight (except when you have a medical condition). He also went on about how he hates seeing an extremely fat person with an overweight child when they are both eating and ice cream or a chocolate. Okay, this I think is sad, because if you as a parent are fat, you must at least try to keep your children healthy.

So normally on 5FM they let the listener’s phone in to lift their opinion on the specific matter at hand. Normally most of the listeners agree with Gareth because they looove him and like his sense of humor on most topics.

Every once in a while there is this poor old brave chap who thinks that he/she can take on Gareth while on air on 5FM, and thinks that he/she can teach Gareth a lesson. All you people out there who are brave and stupid enough to do something like that…take my advice today. DON”T DO IT, YOU WILL LOSE THE BATTLE!!

So this day there was a lady phoning in telling Gareth about how she is overweigh and has tried everything to lose weight but doesn’t succeed. She went on about how he can’t tell fat people that it is their own fault. Being Gareth he told her, LESS EATING, MORE RUNNING.

I think after that he cut her off and spoke about how it is your own fault and how if you are fat, you should stop cheating on your diet and get of the couch to go for a jog.

I think this is the best advice ever, and it is so simple. So every time you get hungry, do a few sit-ups.

Fat Girl (Britney)


  1. wahaha. I remember that lady.Poor thing didn't stand a chance.Plus where did u get the pic.haha

  2. Hehe! Yep, he is super controversial.