Thursday, 16 June 2011

Finally in Jozi

Finally!! The day has arrived for me and Hentia to come visit my sister in Jo’burg. After cancelling our trip when I had my emergency surgery, I thought it was a sign that Karma doesn’t want me to come visit her. I was devastated.
Well, we booked our new plane tickets and the flight was horrible. I freaked out as we took off and then again when we had to land. I almost started crying, because the pilot landed at the speed of light. Really, I’m not over reacting. The one guy who flies up and down from Cape Town to Jo’burg said that it wasn’t that smooth as what it normally is, but it gets even worst when the weather is bad. I do not want to experience that. Luckily I had Hentia to hold my hand hehe.
I don’t really like Jo’burg, but we are in Sandton…and it is awesommmme!!! We took my sis to work this morning, it is beautiful here. We are going to Monte Casino now,
Nelson Mandela Square
, Sandton City and and and…
As you can see, I’m not in the mood for writing blogs when I have all those fun things to go do. Peace out!! Enjoy your holiday J


  1. Cant wait to hear all about it honeychild :)

  2. This comment is a tad late, so I've heard all the stories and it sounded awesome!Glad u had a jol.