Sunday, 26 June 2011


Oh how I love my pet!! He is about ten years old, his name is Skollie and he is a schnauzer. We got Skollie when he was about nine months old, he was soooo frightened as he was abused by his previous owner.

Amy, you have met him before! He is very curious and very friendly. He is literally always happy to see someone and loves meeting new people. You have to touch or scratch him when he sits next to you otherwise he gets very restless and may start to irritate you.

He is definitely my dog and only my dog. When I sit my foot out the door he runs up and greets me, he sits on my foot to protect me and to feel that I am always there.

I have never loved any animal as much as I love Skollie, and when he dies, a part of me will die with him.

Skollie, my dog.

As you can see the hair on his lower body is cut off, as it was summer when this photo was taken and he was getting very hot.


  1. Skollie is very lucky to be part of your family :) How did you come up with his name? :P