Saturday, 2 July 2011

My top 200 achievements

Wow!! This would take a while to list, even though I don’t even think I have 200 achievements to list. Well, maybe if you take into consideration all the tiny details such as learning to tie my shoes, making my own bed, to dress myself, tie my own hair, going to the toilet by myself, swimming, riding a bicycle, talking, walking, learning, playing sports and being good at it, driving a car etc. All these things were considered by our parents as something we achieved and what we learned to do. They were proud of us. Now thinking of achievements, I would say:
·         Passing primary school
·         Passing Matrix
·         Getting my PR Diploma
·         Passing my Events Management short course
·         Today…it is a great achievement to drag myself out of bed every day during our holiday, and being in a relationship for longer than two weeks hehe.
You can also achieve things on an emotional or personal level, like pushing yourself to be more caring and considerate of other people and achieving your personal goal of doing so. If this is very important to you as a person this can also be one of your top achievements.
Anyway, I am definitely too young to have 200 top achievements, although I am planning on doing so in my many years still too come. I believe I have a purpose in life and God will spare me to achieve everything I want to achieve.