Friday, 22 July 2011

How long can you cope with the pressure?

It started yesterday when we saw that our neighbors (living behind us) tied their dog to a rope about a meter or two long AGAIN, not even near his food or water. If you knew the whole story then you would understand why I got so mad, but that is a story for another day. (We did phone the SPCA AGAIN)

The point is we were talking about how gutless and brutal someone must be to abuse any animal. I say someone who does that is sick in their head and must be taken to a mental institution. Anyway, skipping all that too.

Then we started to talk about mental illness and depression. Unfortunately we know of some people who had depression and thought that taking their own life is the best way out. I told my father that I am raised very well and understand right from wrong. I know what I am capable of achieving and that if I should ever end up losing my job and my house or everything I have, I will start over and never turn to suicide.

My father then replied: “You will never know until you are there.”

What do you think??


  1. Calling the SPCA was the right thing to do. And you are so right, why own a animal and deny it the freedom, to drink water, wander, eat food and get no shade if hot or get no sunlight if cold. That's animal cruelty.

    To answer your last question. I think people are just weak. . . or sometimes people can't see solutions to their problems, that's why its always advisable to seek help. They say, Suicide: Is the cowards choice!

  2. Wow this situation is tricky, because like you said we were raised knowing the difference between what's right and wrong while others weren't. Plus animal cruelty is just wrong. I also agree with what your dad said unless we are in that situation we can't say what we would REALLY do.