Saturday, 2 July 2011


For the past two weeks my mother and I started to talk about my future and what I will be doing next year. As I still see myself as a student living with my parents who takes care of me (I am totally a mommy and daddy’s girl), I was a bit shocked when I realized that next year EVERYTHING will change. I will be entering the world of the scary old grumpy adults where everything is serious and nothing is fun.
As my mother and I were talking we came to the conclusion that I must soon start to apply for jobs so that I can have one at the beginning of next year. We then discussed that I will still be living with them for another year or two until I have saved some money and found my feet. Luckily for me I am the only child who still lives at home (my sister moved to Jo’burg) and my parents will do ANYTHING to keep me here.
The first job you get after your studies is the most crucial, because this is the foundation you will build on for the rest of your life and you may even get stuck in a job you don’t want to be in. The only problem is that all of this sounds sooooo boring. This whole finish your studies and finding a job to make money and work yourself to the bone until you die thing doesn’t work for me. I still want to go to Holland next year and explore and play around with what I want to do someday.
If all works out as planned, I feel very sorry for my parents, as their youngest child (me) will also be leaving home soon. J


  1. And they'll welcome you with open arms. That's the most amazing thing about PARENTS . . . you'll always have a place at home. . .and their love for you doubles each second you away. They'll eventually get use to it babes. Makes me think of that song from Michale Buble, "Home".

  2. It is scary that we are almost done yet at the same time exciting for what lies ahead. I know that our parents will be pride of us not matter what.