Saturday, 16 April 2011

Obstacles when growing up...

I was thinking about how difficult we find the amount of work we have to juggle this year. I then realised it is only another stumbling block and we have been training our whole life for it.

These are a few obstacles I, and probably most of you too, had to deal with when growing up.

  • Getting potty trained (realizing you need to ‘go’)
  • Taking your first few steps
  • Speaking
  • Getting dressed by yourself
  • Wiping your own bum when finished poohing
  • To stop wetting your bed
  • Eating without the help of your mother and without making a mess
  • Walking in your mothers’ high heels when playing dress up without falling down
  • Playing with your mothers’ make-up without getting caught
  • Tying your own hair
  • Learning to write your own name
  • Learning to color in between the lines
  • Learning not to drink your fathers’ beer next to the couch when he is not looking.
  • Learning to ride a bicycle
  • Had to learn the hard way that when mommy says no you can run to daddy!! ;)
  • Realising your to big to fit in the trolley
  • Realising you are too big to get carried around anymore, from now on you have to walk everywhere (Darn)
  • Having to get up early and deal with the sand eating freaks at the nursery school.
  • Getting up for primary school
  • Getting into clubs when not 18 years of age yet. :-O
  • Getting your drivers license

And now…
  • Getting through Btech (Joke)

Even though we are almost finished growing, we will always stumble upon a few more obstacles as we go along. It will never stop; in fact, the obstacles will probably keep on getting much larger as time passes by. They are part of life and molded you into who you are today and you will become.


  1. love this post marquerite:) Definitely one of your best!!

  2. Amazing what you did with this and also so very true.

  3. lol!! i do hope this was your personal list;)