Friday, 29 April 2011

Wedding cake-in-the-middle-of-the road.

Your so dumb…idiot! Oh yeah, you run slowly!! And YOUR breath smells. Because I had eggs for breakfast, you rude retard!! STOP THE CAR!! I don’t want to see you ever again!!

This is how it’s been going ever since Mike and Fiona got into their car to leave for the long weekend, all because Fiona wanted to take an extra bag for her shoes. Mike is furious, because they promised: “Only one bag each”.

I hate you!! Well, under that hate is the hate I feel towards you!! You’re soooo selfish, always have been! What you say is THE LAW!! Be careful everybody, beware!! The mighty Mike might be unhappy with the way you breathe!! Oh please! You’re such a drama queen. I’m leaving!!

As Mike walks back towards the car, he spots something. There is something in the middle of the road, about another 50 meters ahead. “Fiona, do you see that?”:he asks. “Oh shut up!! You bore me”: she replied. No really! Come check here!!

She glances over her shoulder, seeing Mike running towards something in the middle of the road. Be careful you dumb ass, there is a car coming!! She turns around and follows him.

They both just stare at it, at the random cake in the middle of the road. Speechless. Fiona turns to Mike and asks: “I don’t understand. Why is there a picture of us on top of this cake? In the middle of the road?”


  1. haha! I really hope that 'normal' couples don't fight like that