Saturday, 7 May 2011

Paws for a Cause

Okay, so the dog bark’s a lot. He drives everybody crazy and keeps them awake at all hours of the night. So the solution to your problem is to pour boiled water (straight from the f-ing kettle) onto the dog’s back? ARE YOU FFFF-ING CRAZY!!!!!

Firstly, do you think that will work? And secondly, I will find you and pour boiled water onto your back and then see if that make’s you shut up!! Sickooo!

Really, some people are just stupid idiots, and I don’t mean they are dumb and don’t know the answer to 73+49. I mean they are dumb ass people with no purpose in life except to f-up everybody and everything around them. Basically they steal perfectly good air.

Please, if you see an animal in danger or distress, take action. DON’T turn your back and pretend you didn’t see anything. Animals don’t owe us anything, we owe the world to them.



  1. oh my this a real story? and if so, that man is sick and needs to locked up!sies

  2. When did this happen?? It sounds like a sick neighbour! I'm sorry Margs :( I'll bring my own kettle and do it with you! Fucking retarded and CRUEL!