Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Why I don’t want to have children…EVER!!

I’m skipping the part where you are pregnant for nine months, have mood swings, pick up a hell of a lot of weight, eat like a pig and THEN… GIVE BIRTH!!!! Some people say giving birth is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Well, I think the people that said that must have been drunk and that giving birth is suuuper eeu. Not the part of brining life into the world, but the real giving birth part…you know.

I’m also skipping the part where children cost you a lot of money. The toys and nappies, clothes, food, education, more clothes and food, a car, more money and and and. Until you die, this will never EVER stop. NEVER!

The real reason why I am not too fond of children is because of the, MOM, I want it!!! The running around and the screaming. The snotty noses and the way they pull their bratty faces. They take your freedom and everything else too!!

In one word, they ANNOY me!

I don't want to sit with something like this, ever!


  1. haha!wow thats a different view point to see children. But hey, you can now save the animals?

  2. Jip!! You got that right. I'm going to make animals, not babies.

  3. yep, you'll make up for it with your pets :)