Thursday, 19 May 2011

Top ten things to do when bored.

This is my top ten things to do when I’m bored (and I don’t consider Tech work as doing something when I am bored):
·         Watch TV J
·         Eat!!!! (Sushi)
·         Go visit a friend
·         Grab a drink or to with a friend or two
·         Go visit my boyfriend J
·         Go SHOPPPPPING!! (Dragging my mom along so she can pay for everything.)
·         Take my doggyJ for his walkieJ, or on a strip to the sea.
·         Facebook/Twitter (Same option, because I do both on my phone)
·         Go PARRRTY. (Not that we have much time left to do so.)
·         Taking photos of absolutely anything, just because I can.
Top ten things for my mom to do when she’s bored.
·         Bother me
·         Tell me I should do my Tech work
·         Tell me to tidy my room
·         Ask me to help her with something…normally something totally unnecessary
·         Ask met o do the dishes
·         Ask me to vacuum the house for a change
·         Ask me to make us something to eat
·         Always be up in my business, asking me where I am going or what I am doing.
·         Helping me with anything, because she loves meJ
·         Taking care of me…ALWAYS. (Not just when she is bored) J
I am only joking, I love my mommy. She never ever bothers me or shunts me around hehe ;)
Feel free to add anything what you like to do when you are bored.


  1. love your top ten favourite things to do when bored, its mine too :) And my the same. Parents will be parents hey, but we love 'em to bits NO MATTER WHAT xx

  2. Haha!This is really the cutest blogpost:) I do believe that all out mom's do those things when they are bored too..