Friday, 11 February 2011

Designer PR

When I think about designer PR, I see a practitioner designing and implementing strategies within an organisation, as well as designing an event or some other kind of fun activity. I also think of a practitioner actually designing something! A web page or the lay out of a magazine, a brochure or an annual report, a stand for an exhibition or even something to do with fashion. You name it, a PR can do it!!   

I also think of that Kulula PR Campaign, where the ceramic cows were given to celebrities to decorate as they wanted to. I think that was great PR work and also fell into the designer category for coming up with something as creative as that. It got peoples attention and was a very persuasive method of communication. For just that reason I think it is important to develop your designer skills.

Being a successful practitioner, I think we all must develop our designer skills just as well as our communication skills, because in the future we might just have a lot of fun with it.


  1. True what you say, we as aspirant PR practioners are all designers.

  2. I guess we'll all have to polish our InDesign skills then ;-)

  3. We are after all designers of communication