Friday, 18 February 2011

Two people walk out of a building and into a story.

“Temporarily out of order”, said the sign placed on the elevator. “This is not nice”, the man said to the lady who was also on her way to the ground floor. They have to take eleven flights of stairs down if they wish to get out of there. Together they decided to start walking down the stairs.

Both in a hurry, they rushed down the stairs and eventually got to the ground floor. To their surprise, the front door of the building was locked. The new security system was being tested. There was no alternative way to leave the building. “Wow!! This is very dumb of management to do a security check in the middle of the day!!” the man said angrily to the lady. “How is this possible!!” said the lady.

Head of security informed the people that it will take up to twenty minutes to unlock the doors. The lady and the man went to sit in the cafeteria to grab something to drink. Both expressed their frustration and did not really bother to get to know one another.

After a while the doors opened and they walked out. They said their goodbyes and went their separate ways. “Wait!! What is your name?” the man shouted.  “I’m Jesse” she replied. “It is short for Jessica” The man smiled and said: “Great, I am Jesse, just Jesse.”

So the story began…


  1. It's weird how you suppose to meet people. . . in the most random of ways!

  2. haha!true romance in the random places!