Thursday, 10 February 2011


Two of my best friends are having a huge fight, so they actually inspired me to write about friendship.

Friends are of great importance to everybody, or at least some kind of social interaction. I see friendship as a tiny seed which you have to give water to everyday to ensure that it will grow into a beautiful tree.

People long for physical contact, to feel loved and cared for. People need that friend you can turn to in your time of need, sadness, anger, happiness or just to talk to about any random crap you can think of.

BUT!! Friends can fight, get irritated or disagree with one another. Friends can be cruel and mean. You must always try to remember what that person means to you and try to find that (stupid) reason why you are fighting.

Why fight and give up a friendship when you have so much more to lose. Don't be stubborn and sort it out damit!! Why would you for one moment think it is worth losing a great friend over some fight?

Don't be an idiot!! Kiss and make up, unless that friend did something so horrible you cannot forgive them of course...