Thursday, 3 February 2011

I am...not a morning person.

I am surprised to find myself in front of the mirror each morning at 6AM, and even more surprised not to take a two hour nap in the afternoon when I arrive home from a lecture.

Why? You know the feeling you get when you had a great night's rest (thanks to Sealy Postropedic)? You don't want to wake up, and try oh so hard to fall back to sleep to continue that awesome dream? I love that feeling and that is exactly how I spent most of my holiday.

Don't get me wrong, I am definitely not lazy. In fact, I like working hard, challenging myself and developing my skills. I embraced my holiday and slept in each morning until at least 10AM. I think that most "normal" students on holiday would do so, for we are breaking a sweat throughout the entire year. Well, most of us.

I dislike the early morning buzz in my ears, rush hour, dragging myself out of bed into the shower when I really don't want to and listening to a lecture when "klaas vakie's" bag of sand is still in my eyes.

Now, continuing the cycle of waking up (very) early and working hard, I perceive it as my years goal toward my next holiday.


  1. Don't worry we all struggle with that...haha

  2. Mornings are not really my favourite time if day either, but I find that it's easier to swallow with a little bit of caffeine.

  3. Like Amy says, we all have the same problem. Try going to Gym, taking a swim in summer or have a good breakfast in the morning :) Thanks for your honesty... thought I was the only one! haha

  4. *high five* I'm not a morning person either!!