Friday, 25 February 2011

If I were the boss.

I don’t like this topic. I feel it is kind of boring, but here it goes.

I feel people work way too hard and have too little time to live their lives. I know working is part of our lives, but come on. It sucks to get up early when you would rather go to the beach or have a yummy breakfast with a loved one.
If I were the boss I would be strict but kind. I would work hard to motivate and inspire my employees. I would try to find the time to get to know all my employees and show interest in their lives and their needs.
If I were the boss I would make every Friday a happy Friday and give all my employees permission to leave at one o’clock. I would make sure all my employees receive an additional day off sometime during each month. I will hold lots of team building exercises or days and try to make working for me as much fun as possible.
If I were the boss I would never ever ever rip my employees off or be unreasonable. You know you get people like that who think they can stomp all over you because they have authority over you and because they can. Well I think that is wrong, because we are all human beings. We are equal.
If I were the boss, I bet you would wish I was your boss.