Friday, 11 March 2011

Fish falling from the sky.

Do you remember that commercial? The dead fish was falling from the sky and the owner of a restaurant embraced it by making the special for the day fish. I guess this comes down to the same thing as “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” You have to make the best of anything that comes your way and try to embrace it.
All too often we don’t make use of the fish and we don’t make lemonade, because we are lazy. We prefer to moan and groan, bad mouth people, brag, and scold and definitely try everyday to make ourselves look so good in front of other people. We tend to care greatly about a lot of things which do not really matter all that much.
I know I also get lazy and very often chuck the lemons away, because I don’t feel like squeezing those freaking lemons to make some sour ass lemonade, or I am not in the mood for cooking and dishing that stinky fish even though I am lucky to have it. Now this is where we forget to appreciate what we have and how other people don’t even have the privilege to make their own lemonade. They have to drink someone else’s old, watered down, half brown lemonade, because they cannot afford their own.
So when everything is going great and you have all the fish in the world, embrace it, be thankful and never take it for granted, because maybe just maybe you get thrown a lemon. If that happens, squeeze the heck out of that thing and embrace it, because maybe just maybe, you get to the sweet stuff.


  1. you really love those lemons ey;)

  2. I like what you did with this topic. Seriously. " squeeze the heck out of thing" Indeeed, I will remember that.

  3. i remember that ad:)you can alway get someone else to squeeze the lemons. haha. job creation