Friday, 4 March 2011

So many channels, but nothing to watch.

Nope, nope, nothing here either, ooh this looks cool…nope it’s boring. Aaargh!! That is how I sound when I am in front of the T.V. during the day.
Don’t you just hate flipping through all the channels, but you can’t find anything to watch. You pay quite a large amount of money each month to have access to all these channels, but most of the time there are bull crap on to watch. So now you only watch certain programmes on certain channels at certain times, i.e. your favorite T.V. series.
As B-tech students, we don’t have a lot of spare time to waste in front of the television, I know I don’t. Still, what is the point of wasting all that money if you can’t even enjoy what you spend it on? I guess I shouldn’t moan, because a lot of people cannot even afford food or shelter.
When I was younger my father use to take the DSTV card out of the decoder when my sister and I spent too much time in front of the television. Now days, we barely use the television. Only when it is cold and raining outside and we want to snuggle up in front of the television with a hot cup of Milo.
I guess we all should be very thankful for what we have and what we get to do.


  1. Damn it's frustrating! Like the one opportunity you get to veg before the T.V set... they let you down!!

  2. stick to cartoon network, that's always the best to lighten your mood after a tiring day, they hardly disappoint.